All That's Left (2017)


All That’s Left is an installation piece that resembles a futuristic archeology museum exhibition.

After human beings extinction in the future, the civilization on Earth holds an exhibition displaying what they have discovered about Anthropocene:
a piece of sedimentary rock that contains “steal”, “glass” and “cement” as well as traces of severe water pollution;
a partial piece of fossil from an insect (referred to by human beings as “butterfly”) which, unlike most other “butterfly” fossils that have been found up north, has been discovered at a lower latitude, thus proved scientists’ theory of Anthropocene’s human activities causing major animal migration;
a sample of pollen from a vegetation (named by humans as “corn”) that has been grown at an extensive amount on the surface of Earth to fill human’s needs for food.

The project will be exhibited in a traditional museum setup: on top of a pedestal or inside a cabinet, protected by glass, and labeled respectively with a brief description of each object.