The Weather Talk (2017)


Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.

-- Mark Twain


This is a virtual reality experience. 

The Weather Talk is a critique of the absurdity between the language we use to talk about weather and the reality of weather. It consists three acts, each depicting a more alienating space due to natural disasters, caused particularly by human activities in this case. In the meantime, a video of TV weather forecast talking about the disaster is playing on screen. The audience is confronted with the juxtaposition between being in the striking environment of wildfire, storm, or complete desolation and facing the familiar, established media language we use to talk about nature.

Are the weather forecast programs truly talking about "the weather"? Is there a difference between weather and nature? Why is the way we talk about certain things different from the way things really are?... Presenting the language we've become so accustomed to, yet in a different light, I hope to provoke the audience to think about the gap between the established lies we tell ourselves and the reality of things.





Act one


Act two


Act three